Production plant in Pápa


About the location

2004 saw the launch of production of high-class leather interiors for door panels, floor consoles, and other components for the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Production was later expanded to include other key customers such as Ferrari, BMW, Porsche, Volvo, Opel, Alfa, and Maserati. Today, best-in-class automotive interior products are manufactured in three production halls covering 18,000 square meters. Yanfeng has a strong track record in leather manufacturing. Working with the finest of these complex materials, the designs ranging from sporty to elegant combine the emotion and passion for automotive interiors with an in-depth understanding of what customers expect. A new facility is to expand a wide variety of manufacturing technologies including sewing, gluing, foaming, lamination, edge folding, cutting and assembly as well as production capacity by 13,000 square meters. The new facility will also house injection molding as an additional capability. 

Career opportunities

Currently, over 1,600 employees with a passion for automotive interiors work at our Pápa plant and the workforce will grow to over 2,000 employees within a year. Our expansion offers great opportunities for all those interested in the unique world of automotive interiors. We welcome engineers, molding experts, maintainers, and administration specialists, with a special focus on those manufacturing the parts in production, either in the area of sewing or wrapping.