What makes us special as an employer

Our international management team brings a wealth of automotive expertise to the table. The combination of international capabilities and regional know-how enables us to deliver superior interiors solutions for every market in which our customers compete. 

Be a part of our success

Yanfeng looks for talent from different industries, embracing all kinds of cultures. We are devoted to developing solutions for our employees’ everyday life, work, and travel. Driven by ongoing innovation, we work to exceed expectations and are continuously working toward a better future for our customers, our employees, and our communities.

Enjoy a culture where passionate people are nurtured and rewarded.

What do we offer?


Career paths

Whether you prefer to advance your career in a technical or functional discipline, or by progressively managing people, teams, and organizations, we have the career path that’s right for you.

Comprehensive people development

We offer personal and leadership development at all levels of the organization. Our functional academies ensure your growth in any discipline you choose to master.

Integrated talent management

We take great care to constantly review our talented individuals and identify those with high potential as well as key contributors, those with expert resources and those who are management successors. We keep a constant eye on their development, coaching and developing our people to reach their career goals, and reward those who perform and out-perform expectations.

Empowered, team-oriented culture

We believe in accountability, and we believe in empowering our employees to make decisions and manage risks in achieving objectives. We have high expectations of ourselves, and we rely on our teammates for support.

Our values

Our culture is shaped by the shared values of our global team.

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    We help our customers achieve success. We take pride in satisfying customers and building mutual trust to create win-win partnerships between them and our company.

    We possess deep insight into our customers' strategic goals. We strive to be their partner of choice and actively support their business development and global growth objectives.

    We exceed the expectations of our customers through our customer intimacy, cost-effective innovations, and execution excellence to develop superior automotive interior solutions.

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    We commit to delivering industry-leading quality for our customers. We strive to do it right the first time.

    We remain conscientious and focused, always mindful that past achievements do not guarantee future success.

    We possess a passion for excellence and a strong entrepreneurial spirit to overcome challenges; recognizing that continuous improvement is the key to future success.

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    We regard our employees as our greatest asset. We provide our people with equal opportunities regardless of their gender, age, ethnic background, and religion. We respect and value diversity.

    We foster a safe and constructive workplace that is supportive, offers fulfilling career paths, and enables our people to effectively perform their tasks and work together as a team.

    We reward people who create value and we believe in sharing the success of the company together.

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    We leverage our exceptional capabilities, knowledge, and creativity to further enhance our position as a trendsetter in the global automotive industry. We innovate to fulfill the needs of our customers and enable them to develop new business.

    We dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of excellence and seek to improve every day.

    We value intelligence, tolerate failure in the course of seeking new heights, reward accomplishments, and empower people, all in order to strengthen our core competitiveness.

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    We value diverse backgrounds and views, and encourage open mindedness to challenge the status quo and propel us forward.

    We recognize there will be times when we must agree to disagree and are willing to compromise to realize common goals.

    We learn from the best global business practices and adapt and modify them to serve our needs.

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    We take morality and justice as the foundation of our behavior as we strive to be an excellent corporate citizen.

    We view honesty as core to who we are as a company and as people. It is the foundation underlying all of our business decisions.

    We honor our promises and fulfill our commitments.

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    We share a common vision.

    We achieve our vision and goals by coming together and working effectively as an organization without boundaries.

    We share wisdom, celebrate success, and take pride in our achievements together.

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    We promote the efficient use of resources to benefit our planet and all its people.

    We view protecting our environment as a key element of our business proposition.

    We seek long-term and sustainable profitable growth, generating value for employees and shareholders in a responsible manner.